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Who's Who

Academy Committee

Academy Committee

Chair  - Mr Jack Ashby

Clerk  - Isabel Clark

Parent Academy Committee Members

  • Mr Jack Ashby

Only parents (includes foster parents, guardians and acting parents) who have children registered at the school are eligible to stand for election as a Parent Academy Committee Members. A Parent Governor is elected, by way of a nomination, and voting by ballot, if more nominations are received than vacancies, by all the other eligible parents at the school.

Staff Academy Committee Members

  • Mrs Jenny Brassington (Academy Principal)
  • Mrs Suzanne Sykes (PTA Link Academy Committee Member)

Staff Academy Committee Members are elected by the school staff and must be paid to work at the school, volunteers are not eligible. Both teaching and support staff are eligible to be on the Committee, but if an Academy Committee has three or more Academy Committee Members, at least one must be a member of the support staff.

Safeguarding Link Committee Members

  •  Ms Katie Rushton

Safeguarding Committee members are elected or appointed, but they can not be an associate member of the Committee. They are separate from the designated safeguarding lead (DSL). 


Terms of Service

All Academy Committee Members are elected for a 4 year term of service. Please find below the end of term for each member (date of appointment is in brackets):

Mrs Jenny Brassington - Principal 

Mrs Suzanne Sykes - 16th October 2022 (appointed 1st September 2015 - re-elected)

Mrs Lucy Burks - 31 December 2022 (appointed 31st December 2018)

Ms Katie Rushton-  31st August 2026 (appointed 1st September 2022)


Register of Interests

All Academy Committee Members must register any conflicts of interest.  No conflicts of interest/pecuniary interests have been registered.

No Academy Committee Members have relationships with other members or staff.

No Academy Committee Members are part of a Governing Body at another school.

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