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Who's Who


Academy Committee

Chair of Governors - Colin Baxter

Vice Chair of Governors - Mrs Jan Howe and Mrs Jenny Stokes

Clerk to the Governors - Isabel Clark

Parent Governors

  • Mrs Jenny Stokes
  • Mr Adam Cornthwaite

Only parents (includes foster parents, guardians and acting parents) who have children registered at the school are eligible to stand for election as a Parent Governor. A Parent Governor is elected, by way of a nomination, and voting by ballot, if more nominations are received than vacancies, by all the other eligible parents at the school.

LA Appointed Governor

  • Mrs Sue Elvis

LA Governors are appointed by the Local Authority. It is felt that people best suited to be selected as LA Governors are those who have a good understanding of the community, have the understanding and commitment to work to meet the needs of the school, are motivated to act in the best interest of the Governing Body and are able to participate fully in the work of the Governing Body.

Co-opted Governors

  • Mrs Jan Howe (SEND Governor)

Co-opted Governors are appointed by the Governing Body. They can be persons who live or work in the community served by the school, or persons who do not work or live close to the school, but are committed to the good governance of the success of the school.

Staff Governors

  • Mrs Sue Sykes (PTA Link Governor)

Staff Governors are elected by the school staff and must be paid to work at the school, volunteers are not eligible. Both teaching and support staff are eligible for staff governorship, but if a Governing Body has three or more staff governor places, as least one must be a member of the support staff.


Terms of Service

All Governors are elected for a 4 year term of service. Please find below the end of term for each Governor (date of appointment is in brackets):

Mrs A Woolner - Headteacher (appointed September 2020)

Mrs S Sykes - 16th October 2022 (appointed 1st September 2015 - re-elected)

Mrs L Burks - 31 December 2022 (appointed 31st December 2018)

Mrs J Howe - 9th May 2023 (appointed 1st September 2015 - re-elected)

Mrs J Stokes - 1st January 2024 (appointed 1st January 2016)

Mr A Cornthwaite - 8th November 2024 (appointed 30th January 2017)

Mr C Baxter - 31st December 2024 (appointed 31st December 2020)


Register of Interests

All Governors must register any conflicts of interest.  No conflicts of interest/pecuniary interests have been registered.

No Governors have relationships with other Governors or Staff.

No Governors are part of a Governing Body at another school.

Thomas Deacon Education Trust - Register of Interest ( 

Outgoing Governors

Mrs J Howell - Resigned - January 2019

No further minutes will be published due to the restructuring of the Local Governing Body to an Academy Committee following Academy conversion.