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Our Academy



At Upwood Primary Academy, we want all children to gain a love of music and gain an understanding of music from different cultures, time periods and countries.   

We want to give them the building blocks for taking their musical enjoyment and knowledge, in order to develop it in to careers later in life.  


Our curriculum will develop each child through a progression of skills, building on prior learning to give a rounded appreciation of music.  


We want them to experience music in a range of different situations, gaining an array of skills in the dimensions of music and enhancing their learning opportunities, enabling them to use music in a variety of contexts, ensuring they make progress.  



We follow a broad and balanced curriculum, which builds on previous learning and provides support and challenge for our learners, following a progression of skills that covers all aspects of Music.  


All classes will teach Music either as a scheduled timetable each week, or by including it as part of other curriculum areas. We want to ensure that music is embedded in our whole school curriculum and that opportunities for using music to enhance the curriculum are always taken.  



Our children will appreciate how music can make a difference to people’s lives, to enjoy and value Music as a way to develop their own expression and well-being and develop music-based careers later in life.  


Progress in Music is demonstrated through regularly reviewing and observing children’s work, in accordance with our Music assessment policy to ensure that progression of skills is taking place.  This includes:  


  • Looking at pupils’ work, especially over time as they gain skills and knowledge.  

  • Observing how they perform in lessons  

  • Talking to them about what they know.  


The Music curriculum will contribute to children’s personal development in creativity, independence and self-reflection. This would be seen in them being able to talk confidently about their work and sharing their work with others.  


Progress will be shown through outcomes and the journey leading towards it.