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Our Academy

Physical Education

At Upwood Primary Academy, it is our intent for the Physical Education curriculum to inspire and engage all pupils to enjoy, succeed and excel in competitive sport and other physically-demanding activities. We will provide opportunities for children to develop their knowledge, skills and competence in a broad range of sports and physical activities to become physically confident in a way, which supports their health and fitness. We aim to deliver high-quality teaching and learning opportunities that enables all children to achieve their personal best. We aim for all children to be physically active for sustained periods of time and be able to make informed decisions to lead healthy and active lifestyles. Swimming is an important life skill, and we aspire for all children to leave primary school being able to swim at least 25 metres. 


We use and adapt the Cambridgeshire Scheme of Work for Physical Education to ensure that a range of skills are covered across a variety of different sporting areas.  Lessons aim to broaden a range of skills areas, covering balance, agility and coordination.  Each unit of work contains a ‘Core Task’ and lesson by lesson plans lead up to this final outcome.  Within each lesson there is an ‘Expectations’ section, where teachers are able to assess children’s attainment against particular learning objectives; children are then assessed against the ‘Core Task’ at the end of each unit.    A range of age-appropriate sports and physical activities are included within the scheme of work and these show clear progression between different year groups as well as within the unit themselves.   


At Upwood Primary Academy, we ensure that our PE curriculum is progressive and allows children to develop fundamental skills and apply them to a variety of sports activities. All children are provided with the skills and given opportunities to demonstrate improvement to achieve their personal demonstrating resilience and perseverance.  Our children understand how to lead a healthy lifestyle and understand the important role that exercise plays in fulfilling this. We hope that children develop a love of sport, and physical activity through an enjoyment of PE.