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Our Academy


At Upwood Primary Academy, it is our intent to teach an engaging Science curriculum that covers the breadth of science knowledge and skills from the National Curriculum and build this knowledge up sequentially.  We will encourage pupils to become curious and enquiring about science, developing their own critical thinking.  Through our teaching, we will offer a range of learning experiences from which knowledge and understanding can be explored and gained. 


The Science curriculum follows the National Curriculum Framework for Science at Key Stage Two. The curriculum has been carefully designed to ensure that knowledge and skills are sequential and are progressively built upon each year.  Investigations are used to challenge and extend children to explore ideas and allow them to develop their skills. Children can discover ideas for themselves and will be encouraged to explain what they have observed. An emphasis on science specific vocabulary also helps children to develop as independent learners.  Knowledge organisers are used to share key contextual factual information with children and these are frequently referred to throughout the course of the teaching. These support pupils with the vocabulary they will need for their learning. Knowledge frameworks have been created to ensure all staff have an understanding of the learning that has gone before and where it goes next.  


Our science curriculum is carefully planned for progression. It is designed to be challenging and relevant to our pupils and builds upon prior knowledge.  Our science curriculum gives all pupils a wide range of learning opportunities and experiences that can enhance their future education and future lives and will develop their own curiosity about the scientific world in which they live.